Our Pledge to You

We will ​protect your reputation
We will build your business
We will treat your callers with respect
We will challenge our agents to meet your high expectations
We will represent you intelligently and accurately

We’re Your Right Hand!

We focus on your callers so you can focus on your business.

You will be astounded at all we can do! And all the time (and money) we can help you save!

Think of our Answering Service as your Administrative Assistant. Imagine our people are right there in your office, sharing your computer network, joining your conference calls, answering questions for your callers, and checking on the status of jobs for your clients. There is never enough time for everything, and we can help with so much.

You are innovators, business owners, visionaries and facilitators. There are many things ONLY YOU can do. Let us take care of the other “stuff” – we do it dependably and cost effectively! You NEED more time – we GIVE you that time!

Partnering with us is just like hiring another employee, or two, or ten! Only without the absenteeism, the drama, the taxes, employment laws and rising minimum wage.

Keep your lines of communication open 24-hours a day, every day of the year – by phone, through chat, or e-mail, or all three. You can ask us to call people back or to reschedule an appointment. To e-mail lab instructions, or assist with an order. We can take reservations and make reservations; we can even order your lunch (but we can’t go pick it up for you)!

What do you need? TIME. What can focus do for you? Give you more TIME. Take the time to talk with us and we will give you more time in every day – and more TIME for the future!