Yes! I’d like to discuss how APS Telecommunications ( can help me be more accessible to current and potential customers.

I understand that I will receive the following:

  • A FREE and confidential telephone consultation regarding my unique needs
  • A FREE quote (valid for up to six months) Customers who begin service with us within two months after receiving their quote will receive their third month base rate free (up to $500.00)
  • A FREE copy of the Focal Point! Newsletter – a valuable resource for business communication information and service upgrades
  • FREE Access to The Supervisor Snacks Blog – helpful for managers and supervisors in any work place
  • I may be eligible for a FREE week trial.


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You need to begin somewhere – call us and ask our experts about what you want to accomplish and how our service options could fit with your needs. We want to help, not sell you something you don’t need. Call today!

“Of all the companies I have been with over the last 25 years, I have always carried APS with me and I always will. APS is awesome! Customer service is paramount and this is truly a win-win relationship.”

~Mike M


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