Schedule Unlimited Appointments
Change Reservations
Handle Cancellations

He said – “I don’t even know if this can be done, but I am looking for help with my catering company. I need someone who can answer my phones, and my website and e-mail inquiries, make appointments for several kinds of catering and handle changes and cancellations. I don’t need ‘selling’ but I want knowledge of my business so I don’t lose a sale. Is it possible?”

We said – “Of course. We’ll give you a cost effective, customized service for far less than you would pay to have several, or even one employee. We can work in your software, or you can subscribe to ours. We’ll need a list of the kinds of events and the length of time we should schedule for each; and we’ll take care of you.”

Now our CUSTOMER says – “I’m so glad I found APS. I work a full-time job as well as my barbecue catering business and their folks are an amazing help to me. I use their scheduling software, so there was no purchase expanse for me, their people understand my menus, and not only schedule the main event, but the get- acquainted visit, too. My new business is off to a great start! I couldn’t do this without Focus.”

Tom R.